Modeling & Simulation

Proving the possible through analysis.

Exostrategies creates custom models as a basis for simulating real world data to validate changes within a system. Our models establish an accurate baseline and can determine the most likely outcome of changes made to effectively evolve a system.
Satellites communicating with Earth


Our experience using fully custom models, Monte-Carlo statistical analysis, and event-based simulations helps our customers make correct decisions, saving time and money.
Earth overlaid with network traffic


Enables organizations to control network traffic in order to ensure that their enterprise can receive the resources needed to perform at an optimal level.
Rocket launching


Launch Range facilities and ever-increasing Launch Range requirements create the need for optimization strategies to ensure all launch requirements are met.
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Integrated processes and collaborative tools enable organizations to make better programmatic decisions with proven results.

Orbital Mechanics

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When making decisions concerning complex planning and design, some organizations can be limited if they operate on human intuition and utilize static, rather than dynamic, analyses. Without the establishment of an optimal design, resources such as time, money, and energy can be unnecessarily expended.

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The Exo Solution

Exostrategies creates a virtual representation of systems, allowing:

Simulation under a wide range of conditions to anticipate how the system will behave

Multiple testing conditions that would ordinarily be impossible to reproduce without spending large amounts of funding

Improvement of the quality of risk mitigation courses of action, reducing common mistakes

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Exostrategies’ modeling and simulation processes support the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Informational Service (NESDIS) by:

Identifying overflight hotspots that cause premature hardware failure points, the benefits of various antenna locations, and the feasibility of phased array radars in place of traditional radars

Creating a system that calculates all satellite missions and their overflight for any number of ground station points

Optimizing an analysis platform to calculate 100,000+ of contact visibilities with ground stations in advance

Creating a scheduling platform that enables operators to establish pre-defined mission priorities for various systems

Performing Monte-Carlo simulations of probability, resiliency, or variation in pre/post processing

Replicating the actual scheduling metrics to within a 3% margin of error and using this baseline to determine the best sequence of antenna upgrade sequencing with the least amount of risk and impact to overall network performance

Providing a ground site optimization recommendation based on current and future demands to their network, resulting in a $50,000,000+ cost savings

Network Traffic Analysis

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In any network, devices must be able to communicate with each other, but they are all vying for the same bandwidth. Increased network data acts can bog down a network and result in slowing down operations, putting the network and systems that rely on at risk.

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The Exo Solution

Exostrategies assists in network traffic management by:

Developing a completely custom solution to simulate the traffic generated by a network

Measuring the amount of time, latency, and bandwidth required to transfer data throughout an operation

Allowing decision makers to easily visualize the overall results

Allowing engineers to study details to understand how bottlenecks and other Quality of Service issues occur

Enabling allocation of bandwidth to various applications based on mission priorities

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Exostrategies uses our event-based simulation approach to support the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) in:

Creating a custom Quality of Service model for simulating the prioritization of satellite data passed over a ground network

Identifying key metrics such as data latency, bandwidth, and saturation issues

Incorporating actual satellite contact visibility windows into simulations, allowing us to replicate real-world conditions instead of probable conditions

Launch Range Optimization

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Today’s launch ranges experience high traffic and lack communication between launch ranges. Each range operates independently, leading to a lack of synergy in operations between ranges.

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The Exo Solution

Exostrategies assists customers in Launch Range Optimization by:

Creating external interfaces for 3rd party tools to help users work with and manage data created and consumed by the model

Enabling users to run simulations and receive results that are automatically extracted, compiled, and visualized within Architex

Enabling users understand the characteristics, demand, and capabilities of the model and provided parameters

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Exostrategies works with the Air Force Launch Range to:

Develop a custom software solution to help optimize and extend an existing ExtendSim model

Provide a higher level of flexibility in understanding the inputs into the model

Visualize the model results in a meaningful way 

Enable our customer to perform loading and scheduling optimizations for the Eastern and Western launch ranges

Anticipate and support future and current demands


Software Solutions

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When problems arise within an organization, utilizing static and inflexible software frameworks can lead to an inability to develop complex solutions in an agile manner.

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The Exo Solution

Exostrategies uses our agile software development processes and our Architex Decision Support Software to:

Address deficiencies with existing solutions that may prevent an organization from meeting their objectives

Create and maintain a Continuous Integration environment, leveraging CMMI methodologies for repeatable software releases

Perform software development tasks using agile methods

Utilize static code and Unit and Functional Testing analysis to ensure all possible vulnerabilities have been addressed

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Exostrategies supports the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN), the Air Force Launch Range, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) by:

Building a custom web-based interface to visualize, filter, and organize over 1000 projects and their dependencies

Providing clear insight across the various organizational stovepipes to help make effective decisions when shifting projects to the right

Building custom interfaces into 3rd party tools to provide novice users an ability to run, modify, and visualize the results from simulations

Enabling the organization to perform detailed analysis on optimal ground-site locations within a desired latency requirement


Current Opportunities

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