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Architex Decision Support Software

Architex is an agile, customizable cloud-based software-as-a-service application that enables organizations to manage enterprise evolution from three main standpoints: Risk Management, Lifecycle Affordability, and Enterprise Architecture. These three components are interdependent and necessary for the success of any organization. Exostrategies views architectural evolution through the lens of affordability and addresses the complex balance between architectural objectives and enterprise risk.

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Architex enables users to identify requirements that disproportionately drive costs and budgetary requirements. If enterprise objectives are not affordable, decision makers have three options that can be traded within Architex:

1. Reduce enterprise objectives

2. Slip the implementation schedule

3. Accept a higher level of risk

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Enterprise Architecture

In order to succeed and meet mission objectives, all organizations must develop and maintain an enterprise architecture. Architex provides access to pre-built frameworks, such as the Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF), as well as custom frameworks that extend modeling, analysis, and reporting options to meet decision support objectives and create project roadmaps. In the traditional Enterprise Architecture approach, architectures are often viewed as islands that are separate from one another. Architex enables users to apply the Enterprise of Enterprises (EoE) concept, which emphasizes that enterprises interact with other enterprises to provide and consume services. Architex provides a structured way to highlight these interactions among enterprises and show how decisions within one enterprise may impact other enterprises. Architex allows users to:

  • Link architectures to provide Enterprise of Enterprise views
  • Modify and create custom frameworks and data relationships
  • Make data supported decisions quickly and across multiple enterprises
  • Eliminate single enterprise stovepipes
  • Effectively manage costs and risks, and improve budget projections

Risk Management

In order to achieve mission objectives, organizations must be aware of their capabilities, and the vulnerabilities, threats, and risks to their enterprise. Architex provides a cloud-based, collaborative environment to support in risk identification, analysis, planning, tracking, and control. When risks are identified, users can utilize Architex to make informed decisions about risk mitigation strategies, budgeting, and acceptable levels of risk. Architex’s Risk Analysis Module (RAM) enables users to:

  • Identify risk mitigation tasks
  • Visualize risk reports including risk summaries, risk waterfalls, mitigation cost profiles, and risk rollups
  • Track and manage the status of enterprise project risks
  • Analyze the costs to mitigate risks in budget constrained environments
  • Track and project overall enterprise risk posture

Lifecycle Affordability

Enterprise architecture and program objectives can quickly create budget problems in a budget constrained environment. This can often lead to the misallocation of funds within an enterprise. In order to ensure affordability, organizations must develop and manage a multi-year budget that balances the delivery of enterprise roadmap objectives with a project investment plan that is within an acceptable level of risk. Architex’s Lifecycle Affordability Module (LAM) enables users to:

  • Visualize, manage, and relate project costs, schedules, colors-of-money, and project dependencies
  • Identify impacts to changes in project completion and their impact to the enterprise architecture
  • Assess project costs and funding inputs to create and analyze roadmap affordability scenarios
  • Understand the relationship between program requirements and budgetary requirements
  • Prioritize project funding for affordable architecture evolution at acceptable risk

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