Our Leadership

Meet the Exostrategies Leadership Team

Shawn Hosp

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Shawn Hosp is the Chief Technology Officer as Exostrategies, where is his responsible for the development and implementation of corporate technology and engineering strategies, including the all research and development of the Architex™ and SONIC products. Prior to joining Exostrategies, Shawn worked for Sparta Inc. where he managed the development of enterprise architecture solutions for Air Force Space Command and gained valuable knowledge in Enterprise Architectures using the Department of Defense Architecture Framework and other software development solutions. Prior to his work at Sparta, Shawn worked in Silicon Valley doing hardware engineering at various startup companies that focused on Storage Area Networks and High-Speed Interconnects solutions for large scale datacenters, where he applied his unique experience to drive innovation and hone his entrepreneurship skills.  Shawn holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Systems Engineering and Software Engineering from the Oregon Institute of Technology and is a former SIGINT Cryptologist in the US Navy. He has also been a Board of Directors member and Treasurer for the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS) and an active supporter of the shelter.