Our Leadership

Meet the Exostrategies Leadership Team

Daniel Heimerdinger, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Daniel Heimerdinger is the Chief Executive Officer of Exostrategies, Inc. and has over 30-years of experience supporting civil and military aerospace programs with an emphasis on human spaceflight systems, operations, international logistics, operational readiness and safety, and risk management; highly resilient ground and space communications systems and networks; launch range infrastructure design, management, operations, and simulation; and vehicle and operational safety.  He has technical expertise in several areas including electric propulsion, on-orbit space operations, spaceflight safety and mission assurance, micrometeoroid and orbital debris, and large-scale spacecraft software deployment.

Dr. Heimerdinger has been appointed to several federal and international task forces since 1992 including the Columbia Accident Investigation Board’s investigative team, Shuttle/Station Configuration Options Team, Operational Readiness and Safety of the International Space Station, Operational Readiness of the Space Shuttle/Mir program, and a post-Challenger Space Shuttle Safety review.  He is currently serving his 25th year as a special government employee to the Stafford Advisory Committee (formerly the Stafford Commission on International Space Station Operational Readiness and Safety) for NASA’s Space Operations Mission Directorate. 

Dan has received several awards including the two highest awards from NASA: the Distinguished Public Service Medal and the Exceptional Public Service Medal.  He was also awarded a special Certificate of International Collaboration from the Russian Space Agency.  Dan is an Associate Fellow for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, earned his Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT where he specialized in Fluid Dynamics in Electromagnetic Thrusters, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University.