Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Roadmap implementation often fails because the investments for architectural evolution and risk mitigation dramatically exceed budgetary projections.

In the federal sector, LAM Screenshotthis has led to the cancellation of major programs and has cost hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars. The practical application of life cycle management for operational systems raises an even bigger project portfolio challenge based on the “investment time horizon”: at what point does program management stop sustainment and obsolescence projects in anticipation of the phase in of replacement systems under development?



Exostrategies’ PPM service emphasizes life cycle affordability based on the integration of projects contributing to architectural evolution, and projects contributing to risk mitigation.

All of LAM Budget view screenshotthese projects form the project portfolio associated with Roadmap implementation. Our process relies on the integration of architectural objectives, risk mitigation, and the project portfolio within the Architex Decision Support Suite to focus on project portfolio affordability based on:

  • Fiscal year budget limits
  • Annual color of money allocations
  • Future budget projections
  • Project dependencies
  • Critical project families to achieve high priority capabilities and/or risk mitigations

“What if?” analyses can be performed within Architex to modify, shift, add, and delete projects; dependent projects are automatically shifted, and this impact is propagated directly to budgetary, architecture, and risk views.