Integrated Decision Support Services (IDS2)

Exostrategies’s Integrated Decision Support Services (IDS2) specialize in addressing one of the most common problems faced by federal and commercial organizations: How do we plan for the future demand for services subject to rapidly evolving threats within an affordable, right-sized architecture? IDS2 solves this problem by integrating the following three fundamental management services:

We leverage the Architex Decision Support Suite to integrate enterprise architecture, risk/vulnerability, and project data. Architex is our commercially available, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that:

  • Provides data collection and management,
  • Supports data driven report generation,
  • Promotes teamwork and data collaboration, and
  • Enables “what if” analyses.
IDS2 balances architectural objectives affordably at acceptable risk.

IDS2 balances architectural objectives affordably at acceptable risk.

The IDS2 process balances high-level demand-driven capability roadmap objectives with programmatic objectives associated with affordability and enterprise risk, and technical objectives associated with architectural objectives and existing topologies. IDS2 is heavily influenced by the basic tenets of affordability — if an implementation plan is not affordable then there are only three possible adjustments:

  • Reduce architectural objectives: identify those technical drivers for availability, performance, and security that can be modified or deleted.
  • Slip implementation schedule: reduce investment requirements within annual budgets and push projects to later dates.
  • Accept a higher level of enterprise risk: reduce mitigation projects to achieve the architectural objectives albeit with higher risk of achieving the required architectural capabilities.