Satellite Operations Network Infrastructure and Costing (SONIC) Toolkit

SONIC ScreenshotThe SONIC Toolkit is a computer-based software tool for the modeling and simulation of satellite telemetry, tracking, commanding, and communications networks. It is a highly flexible environment developed to support the increasing demand for satellite and communications services, and to improve the ability of various ground and space network topologies to satisfy that demand. The SONIC Toolkit provides a highly interactive and visually appealing environment for operational analysis, performance assessment, and cost estimation. You can view the brochure here.

The SONIC Toolkit Is a Modular Simulation Framework

  • Simplify the visualization and analysis of satellite telemetry, tracking, and commanding networks
  • Model satellite missions and antenna conjunctions
  • Simulate network schedule and operation center loading
  • Allocate DDT&E, operations, sustainment, and WAN costs
  • Provide metrics that integrate operations with costs



SONIC Screenshot-2The SONIC Toolkit Eliminates the Guess Work

We model satellite physics, network elements, allocations, and cost to:

  • Identify requirements that drive costs
  • Find network choke-points and risk drivers to rank the impact and criticality of individual network elements
  • Assess different network capitalization strategies
  • Vary network configurations to optimize for cost against criteria including utilization, fault tolerance, data loss, latency, agility, and responsiveness
  • Calculate the price per support for reimbursable missions
  • Determine staffing levels for ground sites and operations centers



The SONIC Toolkit Improves Analysis at Reduced CostSONIC Screenshot-3

  • Configure missions and network elements once; conjunction results are maintained in data files for reuse
  • Report engine provides access to over a hundred rapid standard tables, charts, and graphs
  • Export capability enables additional post-processing of data
  • Knowledge and data configuration management through codification of network users and network architecture