Capabilities, operations, strategic objectives, IT systems, budget requirements, and risks to the mission are not independent elements of an enterprise.

So why are the software tools that support those elements independent?

Architex is an enterprise architecture (EA) tool specifically developed by Exostrategies to enable a single, integrated environment to develop and manage architectures and roadmaps; Integrate the project portfolio to achieve roadmap objectives; and assess Enterprise risks and development risk mitigation strategies.

Exostrategies views architectural evolution through the lens of affordability and addresses the complex balance between architectural objectives and enterprise risk. We created the Integrated Decision Support Service (IDS2) and cloud-based Architex decision support suite to help our customers correlate architectural evolution with costs, schedule, and risk.

Each Architex subscription comes with access to all current and future modules, architecture framework templates, examples, and technical support staff. Bundled services and subscription packages are also available to include Architex training and consulting services. Please contact Exostrategies for further information on pricing, site licensing, and demonstrations.

Reduce cost and make better informed decisions. Architex provides role-based access for different user groups to focus on their specific areas of expertise within the greater system. Architex reduces the costs of enterprise architecture management through more efficient data quality and configuration management, time-to-product, and tools to capture user input errors and reduce labor through artifact autogeneration and visualization.

Rapid generation of products. Auto-generation of architecture products is fast and dynamic with Architex. Updates to costs, dependencies, and changes in requirements can be viewed as instantly as data is updated. It is one of the few tools that uses the Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM) model and SysML chart types for rapid auto-generation of architectural products.

Improve insight to dependencies. Architex allows affordability to be designed into your architecture with the changing fiscal landscape, such as project requirements, schedule, and funding. Architex supports federal budget formulation and color-of-money planning inputs to ensure architecture transitions are fiscally realistic and affordable.

Proven results. Architex is currently used by commercial and government organizations to develop and manage DoDAF architectures, capability roadmaps, investment portfolios, enterprise risk, and Information Assurance (IA) security boundary diagrams. Using Architex, Exostrategies has developed UPDM-compliant models for space operations and intelligence infrastructures spanning both present and future architectures.

Architex consists of six modules:


Create or modify frameworks to establish a Metamodel structure for architectures or create your own fit-for-purpose framework, with no limitations.


Collect and enter data using a streamlined interface with support for data configuration management and rollback.

User Manager

Administer user accounts including authorization, module permission, and architecture permissions based on users' roles and needs.

Easily create data-driven reports and diagrams utilizing automatic layout algorithms, drastically reducing the time required to produce products. Also incorporates static report archiving.
Lifecycle Affordability

Allows users to perform program or roadmap planning by correlating the projects, dependencies, and costs of a project portfolio directly to architectural transitions and enterprise risks.
Risk Analysis

Allows users to develop and quantify an enterprise risk register through data wizards; analyze the risk posture using built-in reporting visualizations; allocate projects to support risk mitigation strategies.


The Architex team provides 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day classes on the use of Architex. The classes include DoDAF data and viewpoint management, plus project integration, cost assessment and affordability analysis. All materials are provided. Offsite class includes morning and afternoon refreshments with a 1-hour break for lunch.
Note: Customized training sessions are available upon request.
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Sales and Licensing

Licensed users have access to all current and future Architex modules at no additional charge, as well as all maintenance updates and upgrades. When new features are introduced, licensed users get access to those features at no added cost.
Quantity licensing packages

We offer a floating license model which allows multiple user accounts per license, with access to all software modules and databases located on cloud, LAN/WAN, or closed network servers.

Cloud Licensing –Terms and Conditions
If you require a dedicated cloud instance (where your database is not on Exostrategies' cloud server), please contact us for pricing options.
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