Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To understand our corporate vision is to understand the personal values of the founders and owners. These values are best expressed by what we do not want to become as well as what we want to for our customers and staff:

  • We deliver quality products, not hours
  • We are not a personnel services/staffing company
  • We seek daily challenges that are intellectually stimulating
  • We want team members that are innovative, capable, and have a strong “can do” attitude
  • We want the ability to conduct research, develop new tools, and participate in conferences and other more academic forums
  • We want to foster relationships with academic institutions to further our brand


Our Mission

Exostrategies is a small, agile professional services company that principally serves the federal government and provides affordable enterprise transformation services in anticipation of evolving threats to our Nation’s critical infrastructure and operations.


Our History and Philosophy

Exostrategies was founded in Woodland Park, CO, in 2006. We are proud of our continued ability to support a variety of clientele at all levels within our organization, to include direct access to our owners and senior executive team. We have made the conscious decision to limit our growth and remain a small, solutions-oriented company to ensure our ability to continue providing the level of expertise, authority, and responsive customer service that has become our hallmark.

To maintain the quality of our brand, we have developed specialized practices within Exostrategies that incorporate our varied corporate experiences in various industries, best practices across commercial and federal sectors, and our own unique blend of analytical and innovative solutions. To support our practices and facilitate more effective, flexible and efficient offerings, Exostrategies has invested substantial revenues in the development of computer and web-based analytical tools for architecture modeling and simulation and decision support.

We rolled out our initial software toolset in 2008, called Satellite Operations Network and Infrastructure Costing (SONIC) Toolkit™, to support satellite network architecture operations and cost assessments and sold our first license to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 2009. Since then, we have expanded our software offerings to augment our services that focus on enterprise architecture analysis, management, investment and project planning, and risk analysis. The Architex™ Decision Support Suite is our cloud-based subscription service for Enterprise Architecture Decision Support. Our first application of Architex continues to support the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) and has now been applied to both federal and commercial customers.

Exostrategies now maintains a suite of software tools called ExoSuite™ comprising:

SONIC Toolkit for:

  • Satellite telemetry, tracking, commanding, and communications networks operational and cost effectiveness
  • Satellite network demand and traffic modeling and prediction
  • Communications systems and technology analyses (e.g., phased array performance)
  • Communications network planning and operational scheduling

Architex for:

  • Architecture documentation and analysis
  • Project portfolio management
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Business capability modeling
  • Enterprise affordability assessments
  • Evolution planning (e.g., roadmapping)
  • Custom framework design