CIO Review Selects Exostrategies for 20 Most Promising Enterprise Architecture Solution Providers

CIO Review Enterprise Architecture Logo July 2015 CIO Review has chosen Exostrategies Inc. for its 20 Most Promising Enterprise Architecture Solution Providers. The positioning is based on evaluation of Exostrategies’ capabilities in providing an enterprise architecture toolset, the Architex Decision Support Toolset, that supports and analyses complicated architectures to support implementation at an affordable price. The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of CIOReview’s editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship.

“Exostrategies has been on our radar for some time for stirring a revolution in the Enterprise Architecture space, and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology-driven solutions,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor, CIO Review. “Exostrategies solutions continued to break new ground within the past year, benefiting its customers around the globe, and we’re excited to have them featured on our top companies list.”

“Exostrategies is honored to be recognized by CIO Review’s panel of experts and thought leaders,” said Daniel Heimerdinger, Exostrategies CEO.

Find the CIO Review July 20, 2015 issue here.

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CIOReview constantly endeavors to identify “The Best” in a variety of areas important to tech business. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, our editors choose the best in different domains. Enterprise Architecture Solution Providers is an annual listing of 20 Most Promising Enterprise Architecture Solution Providers in the U.S.