Transforming Enterprise Architecture in the Digital Age

Why Exostrategies?

Exostrategies views architectural evolution through the lens of affordability and addresses the complex balance between the Technical Trades associated with architectural objectives and the Programmatic Trades associated with available funds and enterprise risk.
Exostrategies views architectural evolution
Enterprise Architecture Management
Collaborative environment to build and model the impact of potential decisions or alternatives on the evolution, performance, and affordability of the enterprise. Learn More
Project Portfolio Management
Lifecycle affordability based on capability roadmap objectives and enterprise risks. Learn More
Enterprise Risk and Vulnerability Management
Assess and prioritize capabilities based on risks to the enterprise and evolving threats.
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Enterprise architecture decision support software.
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Software for modeling satellite and communication services.
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What’s New

New features are now implemented in Architex! The architecture carousel is completely redesigned – it is color-coded by framework and displays architecture details. Risk architecture owners have the option to select 1×5, 5×1, 3×4, or 4×4 matrices. Custom reports can be created with icons. Learn More

Our Values

Exostrategies provides customized services to federal and commercial clients. We have developed affordable solutions to aging infrastructures in order to support:
  • Space operations
  • National defense
  • Technological advancement
Our support is discrete as we understand the importance of protecting our customers’ interests. Read More about Our Philosophy Giving Back to the Community Meet Our Management Team